Reola with Oprah

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Viewer Reola has been enjoying watching Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure from the start, ever since they pulled out of the driveway in Santa Barbara. She thought she was in the audience just to enjoy the finale...not so fast, Reola!

"Your co-worker Becky wrote to us," Oprah says. "Dear Oprah: I want to tell you about a wonderful friend and co-worker of mine. She is the most generous, caring woman I've ever met. She lives her life every day for the sake of others. Reola is a mental health technician and is also the mother of four wonderful children. Reola has a son with cerebral palsy. He lives in an independent facility for disabled individuals. Because she does not have a car, she has to rely on friends and family to take her to visit him. She needs a ride to and from work every day, but that doesn't stop her from putting in double shifts at the hospital. When Reola's not working, she gives her all to help taking care of her son and her ailing father. Not having a car has made Reola's life extremely difficult. Everyone here considers Reola a real-life angel. We would like nothing more than to make her life a little easier. I just think she has an absolutely wonderful heart. She just has harder obstacles than some of us have in our own lives to deal with. I never would have written in had I not truly felt in my heart that she 100 percent deserved it."