Don Imus has apologized to the team in the media, but Coach Stringer and her Scarlet Knights are planning to meet the talk show host face-to-face.

"We want to see the man behind the mic, because oftentimes we have titles, but it doesn't define us as people," Coach Stringer says. "We wanted him to get a chance to know who we are. And we certainly wanted to know who this man was."

Coach Stringer hopes the meeting, which will include players, coaches and parents, will be a catharsis of sorts. "We'll have an opportunity to put this to rest," she says. She also promises that her team will go into the meeting with open hearts and open minds.

"I speak for myself and every woman I know when I say that you all have made us so proud by the way you have handled this entire ordeal," Oprah tells the Rutgers team. "You've handled it with such grace."