In part two of Oprah's interview with James Frey, the author discusses moving past the controversy surrounding A Million Little Pieces and opens up about his life today.
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After her 2006 interview with author James Frey, Oprah says she continued to read criticisms that said she was too tough on him. "Every time I'd see a story about you, every time your name is mentioned, my name is also mentioned with it," she tells James. "Also mentioned in terms of how harsh I was."

At the time, Oprah says she simply could not see what others were seeing—until pressure to interview former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sparked an epiphany.

During the 2008 election, false reports surfaced stating that Oprah refused to allow Sarah Palin on The Oprah Show. But, since Oprah had already publicly supported Barack Obama, she says she felt she shouldn't interview any presidential or vice presidential candidates. "I didn't think it would be fair for me to put myself in a position where I'm interviewing candidates when I'm clearly already for another candidate," she says.

Yet, pressure mounted for Oprah to do a show with Sarah Palin. So, Oprah says she meditated to try to arrive at a solution. "I was sitting in prayer, meditation, trying to get myself still," she says. "I was just trying to get to a place where I could really hear what was the right thing to do."

That's when she says the voice inside her spoke. "Do not make the same mistake that you made with James Frey," it told her.

Oprah says she started crying. "I literally said [to myself], 'What is that? What is that mistake?'" she says. "And the voice inside myself said, 'Do not rule from your ego.'"

In that moment, Oprah says she made an important decision. "Find James Frey," Oprah told her assistant. "I have to speak to him today."


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