Oprah Show audience

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Over the past 25 years, nearly 1,000 mothers, girlfriends, sisters and wives (and a few fashion-challenged men) have been transformed on The Oprah Show. From ill-fitting bras and "mom jeans" to frizzy hair and frightening makeup, we've tackled every beauty blunder. "I used to say, if it sits still long enough, we'll find a way to make it over," Oprah says.

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Now, for our last-ever makeover extravaganza, we're pulling out all the stops. For the first time in Oprah Show history, all 332 audience members get fresh looks! "I always say we have the best-looking audience in television, but you all look particularly fantastic today," Oprah tells the audience. "So cute!"

Before the show, audience members stepped into our makeshift salon for the works—hair by stylist to the stars Frédéric Fekkai, makeup by Bobbi Brown and new outfits courtesy of Old Navy.