Heather, Ben, Bethany and Morgan

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No bride likes to be upstaged at her own wedding, but these newlyweds say they're happy that Oprah and Gayle made a surprise appearance at their receptions.

"Just because you were there was amazing," Heather says. "Anybody would want you guys to come to a wedding!"

Ben, Heather's husband, says that despite some media reports, his mother was not angry that Oprah and Gayle showed up uninvited. "She wasn't upset that you came," he says. "When we were on our honeymoon, she got 80 calls from everybody."

"The media was crazy!" Heather says. "Neither one of us expected how much media attention it would get."

Linda, Bethany's mom, says that it was wonderful to have Oprah and Gayle at her daughter's reception. "You were like the icing on an already perfect cake!" she says.