Day 2: Road Trip Trivia

We decided to give every car a funny nickname. Oprah's car was "Air Force One"—a name befitting our commander and chief. Security's vehicle was called "The Tank"—reflecting the sturdy build of the men keeping us safe on the road trip. Our [production's] mini-van was named the "clown car"—it was packed to the point of overfilling with camera gear, food, notebooks, laptops— when we "jumped" out at a stop, the six of us came pouring out of it like clowns at a circus.

We also had an RV—a behemoth of a vehicle. It was supposed to be the production "mobile office"—but it just couldn't keep up with Oprah's car—so we quickly switched to our mini-van.

We never could come up with a suitable cute nickname for the RV. It was only when we got to Sedona that we found the perfect name for it...


If you've ever been to Sedona, you may be familiar with the road near there that quickly rises to over 6,000 feet—with hairpin turns. Apparently, the members of our road trip family who were relegated to the RV had a hair-raising experience making the climb. The RV literally tipped up on two wheels several times—the drop was thousands of feet straight down. They told us later they felt lucky to be alive.


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