Dan Zahn discusses the early signs of his wife's depression.

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Tina was battling postpartum depression when she attempted to commit suicide, but she says her struggle with depression began when she was bedridden during the pregnancy. Friends started doing her shopping and cleaning for her, which made her feel worse. "It was hard for me because I was prideful at the time," Tina says.

On top of that, Tina says she was always a "people pleaser" and would try to be perfect at everything. She also says she felt rejected due to past sexual abuse and some rocky family relationships. "Deep down inside, I felt alone," she says. "I felt empty. I felt I was in this deep, black hole."

Tina's husband says he didn't initially understand how depressed she was. "Then I started to see signs as we got closer to Noah's birth and right after that," Dan says.

He noticed she avoided people and stayed secluded, but Dan says he never thought Tina would try to kill herself. "It never got to the point where I understood she would do that," Dan says. "I heard her mention it, and I guess not ever dealing with depression before in your life, you really don't know what to look for."