It's inevitable. Someday, your time on earth will end. Before you die, what do you want to accomplish? Kenny Chesney wanted to take his grandma on her first airplane ride. Oprah wants to visit the Egyptian pyramids and become a teacher.

In 2006, four friends from Canada gave this question some serious thought. Duncan Penn, Ben Nemtin, Jonnie Penn and Dave Lingwood sat down and made a list of 100 things they wanted to do before they die. Then, they set out in a beat-up purple bus—affectionately called "Penelope"—and began crossing things off the list, one dream at a time.

See what 100 things made the list!

"We just kind of felt restless, like we wanted to do something," Ben says. "We got a camper ... and hit the road for two weeks one summer and started filming."

Number 53 on their list was "make a TV show," so when MTV came calling, these 20-something friends became the stars of their own reality show, The Buried Life. During Season 1, cameras followed along as they crisscrossed the country and completed outrageous feats.

In Dallas, Ben gave a toast at a stranger's wedding, and in Los Angeles, they entered a dance contest. Then, Duncan accomplished number 18 by telling a joke on late-night TV.

In Memphis, they even found a woman who was willing to help them cross off number 74—help deliver a baby!


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