Trooper footage of Tina's rescue

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Twenty minutes before Tina jumped, her husband Dan received a call from his mother-in-law saying that Tina had taken off. Dan called 911 as he went to look for her—and his intuition told him exactly where she was going. "She's headed for Tower Drive Bridge," he told the 911 operator. "Get someone there."

That someone happened to be State Trooper Les Boldt, who was nearby and saw Tina passing cars on the shoulder at a high speed. Two more officers, Bill Morgan and Kevin Kinnard, joined the pursuit.

The intense 125-mile-per-hour chase came to an end at the Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge (formerly known as the Tower Drive bridge). Trooper Boldt was right behind Tina. "She gets out of her car, faces my direction, she just turns, closes her door, and walks away from me like I wasn't even there," Officer Boldt says. "At that point, I decided that I was gonna try to beat her to the edge of the bridge. I got to her just as she was trying to get up on top of the cement and then she tumbled over the top."

Trooper Boldt managed to hold on to her. Officers Morgan and Kinnard arrived seconds later to help pull Tina, who was fighting and scratching the men, back to safety.

Tina says she didn't remember anything about the incident until months later. "Now, when I look back, the feeling is of unbelief," Tina says. "Unbelief that I had even done it at all."