Rachel says no one could have saved her but her daughter.

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By the time Daphne lured the bear into the kitchen, Rachel had passed out. Her injuries were severe. Part of the back of her head was torn off. The bear had taken a bite out of her back, leaving her with a hole that went as deep as her lungs and several others that "you could put your whole hand in," she says. The bear had left one of Rachel's ears hanging by a piece of skin, which left her deaf for three months.

Rachel believes that no one else but her daughter could have saved her life that day. "I believe I definitely would not be alive if anyone else had been there. She was born with a special love for animals," Rachel says. "Since she was little, she's just gone outside and caught wild animals. She'll catch a snake in the backyard. She's not your typical girl, and so she doesn't have a fear."