Daphne uses lunchmeat to lure the bear away from her mother.

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As her mother was being attacked by the bear, Daphne says she tried everything she could think of to help her mom. "At first I freaked out, and I was trying to hit it and punch it," Daphne says. After Daphne was able to break free from the living room area, where there was no phone, she called 911. Daphne then went to find a neighbor to shoot the bear.

Daphne could not reach any of her neighbors and frantically formed another plan. She found a stun gun but there were no batteries. Daphne says she thought no knife was big enough to use for protection, and she couldn't remember the combination to the gun safe in the chaos of the moment.

Then, Daphne went to the refrigerator and got some lunchmeat. "[The bear] wasn't paying attention to it at first, so I had to take it right up to it. I put it up to his face, he smelled it and then I made him follow me into the kitchen," Daphne says. Daphne says she felt a calm come over her because she had finally learned how to control the bear.

As they would learn after the attack, their next door neighbor ran a commercial gaming business with animals—including the bear that was in their house.