Daphne and Rachel describe fighting off a bear in their own home.

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Real-life heroes are born when ordinary people are called to do the extraordinary. These stories of heroism will have you asking, Do you have what it takes to save a life?

Just outside of Cleveland in 2006, a teenager named Daphne was getting ready to take her dog outside. As she opened the garage door to head out, she saw the unthinkable—a bear had stuck its head underneath the door as it opened. "I closed the door and I went back in the house, and I locked the door. He broke through the door," Daphne says.

As the bear broke in, Daphne's mom, Rachel, ran into the room. "He broke the door out of the frame and I was behind the door, so the door knocked me down on the floor," Rachel says. The bear lunged at Rachel and jumped on top of her. "I couldn't do anything. I had 500 pounds on top of me," Rachel says. "I remember his face coming right for my face and he was growling."