Thirty-five years ago, Oprah was working as a news anchor in Baltimore, where she met a production assistant named Gayle. The two didn't know each other that well, but one night there was a snowstorm, and Oprah told Gayle she could stay at her home to wait it out. Gayle accepted the offer, and the two women stayed up all night talking...and they never really stopped.

Today, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King have one of the most iconic friendships in pop culture history. Like Oprah, Gayle works in the media industry, hosting The Gayle King Show on OWN and on Oprah Radio. On top of being the original Oprah Show Ultimate Viewer, Gayle has been on the show 139 times—that's more than anyone except Oprah!

Look back at 25 years of Oprah and Gayle on The Oprah Show


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