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O: What's your favorite view in town/nearby?
The view from atop Monte Solaro on Capri. From this high point, there are outstanding views toward the Amalfi Coast and the bays of both Naples and Salerno. Another one of my favorite views is from the Path of the Gods, where you can see down to the end of the Amalfi Coast and out to the Island of Capri and the Li Galli archipelago.

O: What's your favorite walk to suggest to visitors?
The Valley of the Mills—a deep valley between the towns of Ravello and Amalfi—for its mixture of nature, history and traditions.

O: Where do you send visitors looking for some peace and quiet?
Definitely the hermitage of Santa Maria Cetrella on Capri. Perched on the slopes of Monte Solaro, it overlooks Marina Piccola and the Gulf of Naples.

O: What is your favorite small treat in the area/on the trip?
Lemons from the Sorrentine Peninsula have inspired the liqueur limoncello, which is sipped ice cold after dinner. On day two, after returning to Pontone, you are welcomed inside an inviting trattoria by husband and wife team Tina and Michele. A traditional lunch is prepared—perhaps risotto with wild mushrooms or homemade linguine puttanesca—from the fresh, seasonal ingredients of community farmers.

O: What mistakes do you see visitors make?
Tourists often rush, focusing only on the big name destinations—Positano and Capri. They don't slow down and get off the tourist track.

O: What is your favorite historical fact or piece of trivia or legend about the city or area?
Mount Vesuvius, perhaps best known for the powerful eruption of A.D. 79 and the consequent destruction of nearby Pompeii.

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