Poet's Almanac

Photo courtesy of Poetry East and Appoet Inc.

We predict that lovers of verse with a penchant for new technology will be enamored of the Poet's Almanac, an app where you can get the day's weather along with poetry reflecting the forecast. (Download for free from iTunes and Google Play.)

Photo courtesy of Inkshares

Do you harbor a secret desire to be a decision-maker in the literary world? Then check out Inkshares, a crowd-funded publisher in the Kickstarter vein. Just click on a book proposal you like to help move it from "funding" to "available now."

Photo courtesy of 0s&1s

Indie website 0s&1s (pronounced "zeros and ones") offers a carefully curated selection of books from small literary presses in user-friendly formats at $6 a pop. And because the site's founder aims to give a larger share of e-book profits to authors, it's also a feel-good destination.
Kink App

Photo courtesy of Inkvite Ltd.

"Chat, flirt, and share stories" is the mantra of Kink, an app that connects users who share a predilection for writing and reading sexy sweet nothings. Who knows? You might wind up reinventing the 19th-century erotic love letter for our digital age. (Download at no cost from iTunes.)