Covering Wrinkles

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How to Cover Up Wrinkles
Avis McCarther, 67: Actress

What was bothering her: "The deep crease between my eyes and the wrinkles on my forehead. Also the shadows under my eyes."

Bobbis no-surgery solution: "I'm sorry, what wrinkles? Avis looks astonishing at 67. Her eyes are dark and deep set, and playing them up will divert attention from that crease between them and diminish the few lines she has on her forehead.

"I lightened up the area under Avis's eyes and at the inner corners near her nose with a cream corrector in a peach tone; on top of that, I applied concealer in a color one shade lighter than her skin tone, and extended it a bit onto her upper lid. I used a tawny eyeshadow to brighten the upper lid even more, and in the crease, a brown shadow with a hint of shimmer to really bring the focus to her eyes. Though I used a black gel eyeliner, I kept the line very minimal so that it only added definition.

"I also applied a fine line of black liner underneath Avis's eyes, and two coats of black mascara, which makes them stand out more. A little cocoa berry stain on her lips draws attention to her beautiful mouth."

Cost of Bobbi's makeup:
Corrector: $22; concealer: $32; eyeshadows (two): $22 each; eyeliner: $19; mascara: $20; pot rouge (on lips): $22
Total: $159

Pricey alternative:
Botox: $400 per treatment, three treatments per year
Total: $1,200