Yolanda Duckworth

Photo: J.R. Mankoff (left), Shane Kislack (right)

Yolanda Duckworth, 48
Shreveport, Louisiana; Hospital coordinator

Before:                After:
Dress size: 10      Dress size:10
BMI: 31.2              BMI: 26
Weight: 160          Weight: 133

Her Greatest Surprise
"I have biceps! The first time I noticed them, I was looking in the mirror, combing my hair, when I flexed my arm and thought, 'Where did that come from?'"

Her Biggest Relief
"I'm a Louisiana girl, and I like fried everything. But now that I'm eating a balanced diet, I don't get cravings like before; I don't know where they went, but wherever they are, I hope they stay there."

Her Best Advice
"When you don't have time to work out, ask, 'What's more important: the thing I'm rushing off to do, or me?'"

Photo: J.R. Mankoff (left), Jason Hornick (right)

Kerri Castellini, 30
Washington, D.C.; Attorney

Before:                After:
Dress size: 12      Dress size:10
BMI: 30.7              BMI: 28.3
Weight: 168          Weight: 155

Her Favorite Snack
"Apples and peanut butter. The healthy fats in peanut butter make me full quickly, so it's great before a workout."

Her Reality Check
"I take a weight-lifting class at my gym once a week, where I check my form with the instructors. That way I know I'm not cheating when I'm on my own."

Her Backup Motivation
"My coworkers know I'm trying to eat well, so if I order a cheeseburger for dinner, I get funny looks."

Her Best Advice
"Take a couple of hours on Sunday to plan your meals for the week and make as many of them as you can. When you're busy, it's safer to grab a balanced meal from your freezer than to let hunger dictate what you eat."
Amy Reeves

Photo: J.R. Mankoff (left), Alex Martinez (right)

Amy Reeves, 40
Atlanta; Teacher

Before:                After:
Dress size: 8        Dress size:4
BMI: 22.9              BMI: 20.5
Weight: 140          Weight: 125

Her Commitment Strategy
"Bob taught us that you don't have to exercise two hours a day to be healthy. You just have to be consistent."

Her Special Workout
"A fellow teacher at my school started a running club, which is a fun break from my usual indoor regimen."

Her Changing Shape
"In the past couple of weeks, the scale has said I'm not losing any pounds. But my body says I'm getting fitter."

Her Best Tip
"Keep it real. You can't say, 'I'm never going to eat French fries again,' because that mentality isn't sustainable. If you're sitting by the pool and you want a piña colada, by all means, you should have it."

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