Best Girls' Night Out
Having icy-cold drinks at the Tower Bar in Los Angeles. The vibe makes you feel like you're on a ship in the 1930s.

Best Escape
If I head into a drugstore, you will not hear from me for 24 hours. I'll go in for Band-Aids and come out with salves, lotions, hair masks, nail stickers, magazines and paper towels.

Best Collection
My striped shirts. The set rivals any sailor's. One day I opened my closet and thought, There aren't enough days in the year to wear all these striped garments. But I need cropped ones for high-waisted pants, long ones for low-rise jeans, and body-hugging ones in case I wear overalls. If it's got a stripe on it, I probably own it.

Best TV Binge
I watched the second season of The Crown in two days. This is a spoiler, but I knew it was the last season for all the actors on the show, so it was imbued with so much sentiment because I didn't want to say goodbye. I wept like a baby knowing my time with Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II had come to an end.

Best On-Set Experience
Singing Rihanna songs in my head every time I saw her while we were filming Ocean's 8—and desperately trying to hold my tongue. I just wanted to ask her: "Work, work, work...what happens after the work?" But Sandra Bullock would give me a side-eye that said "Don't do it, Paulson."


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