Best Conversation Starter
I turn to the fact that I was born and raised in New Orleans. People have usually been to the city or want to visit. And sometimes they pick up on my slight Southern accent, and then I can tell them I'm from there. Either way, it gives me a chance to tout my beautiful hometown.

Best Summer Time-Passer
Sitting in New York City's Washington Square Park with my rescue dog, Isadora Duncan. We people-watch together.

Best Little-Known Fact
I'm a really good archer. Growing up, I went to summer camp for ten years. I was never good at volleyball or tennis, but it turns out I could use a bow and arrow. Isn't that crazy?

Best Advice
My mom always said, "Patty, rise above." It's about having great confidence. If someone is treating you badly, think of yourself as better than that bad situation.

Best Curse Word
I like them all: shit, fuck, damn. Can I even say that in O magazine?

Best Guilty Pleasure
I love every flavor of licorice. But I don't keep any in my house because I want to look good on red carpets!


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