Best Splurge
A belt that supposedly helps you get abs by shocking your muscles. It’s like the one Bruce Lee is said to have worn back in the day. So far I have two abs—but I would love to have a six-pack like I did in high school.

Best Time Waster
Watching videos of babies laughing. I could spend three whole days doing that. That’s my favorite thing.

Best Comfort Food
Plums. My grandma had plum trees in her backyard, and whenever I got in trouble, she’d send me out to them. I’d climb a tree, eat some plums, and fall asleep in the branches. Then I’d come down with leaves and twigs all over my body, and my grandma would just give me a hug. When I eat one now, it takes me right back there.

Best Collection
Seven photo albums of my paychecks from the last five years. When I get sad and frustrated, I go through them to remind myself of the journey I’ve been on. I have checks for $5, and I have checks for $100,000! It’s a chart of my growth.

Best Little-Known Talent
I knit like nobody’s business. I’ve even made myself lingerie. It’s not comfortable—it’s wool!—but it looks pretty.


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