Take a photograph of things you only keep because of attached memories. That way the memory can stay and the item can go. —@MarietteBetting

Think of the exotic insects community that is now calling your clutter home. — @hjmich

Almost all docs I want to keep temporarily go on top of stack, not into file. Periodically I peel off from bottom and recycle. — @ChuckEdHo

The Travel Bag, hang reusable tote at back door, put items to take to library, cleaners, etc. & return when empty. Do daily! — @ScrdSpcsHome

Leave emotions out of the decisions you make, they only cloud the choice to be free mind body spirit.— @PentacleSun

I declutter by scanning my paperwork, recipes & magazine tearouts. Eliminates stacks of papers laying around.— @francescromwell

Don't keep items passed down to you if you don't like them, the Spirit World knows that love counts not possessions.— @DebDancingStar

Have a giveaway receptacle in every room so that anytime you realize you don't like something it goes right in the box.— @sarahyost

Just commit yourself to 15 mins a day of cleaning up... anything! :)— @transition_girl

Uncover hidden value in your old electronics by recycling them properly with @Guzu_com this spring cleaning season.— @LizSnow

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