What have professional organizers found when de-cluttering homes? Brace yourself.
  • A paperweight depicting break-dancing slugs

  • Four garbage bags of human hair

  • A collection of hundreds of broom handles

  • More than 1,000 containers of lip gloss

  • The skeleton of a pet turtle

  • A joint left over from the 1960s

  • An unopened bottle of penicillin that had expired in 1954

  • A yellow plastic tooth filled with baby teeth

  • A seven-foot-tall mannequin dressed like a Pilgrim, with a fake goose head and neck

  • $12,500 in change

  • 75 antique dolls, all of which were missing eyes, limbs, or hair

  • A 20-year-old retainer
Courtesy of professional organizers Kathi Burns, Nancy Heller, Jennifer Hunter, Heather Lambie, Noelle Micek, Sande Nelson, Barbara Reich, Jacquie Ross, and Amanda Wiss.

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