With any project, it's important to kick-start the process. Here are five "quick and dirty" steps for a high-speed, low-level clutter purge.
Step 1: Get Real
Do you remember the last time you parked in your garage? How about the last time you saw what color your basement carpet is? If you had to step over piles of clothes, papers and unidentifiable "stuff" just to get to your computer, it's time to take action. And chances are if you're shuffling papers just to read this—before you can even choose a room to declutter—you need to ask yourself, What's really going on underneath all that junk?

Studies show that although families are smaller, homes are larger than ever. Even with more square feet of living space, many Americans still fill attics, basements and storage units with clutter. Blame it on our super-size mentality, but more is not necessarily better. Things cannot bring us happiness. If your house is full of clutter, all the blessings that could fill your house can't get in.

The good news is it doesn't matter where you start. Just grab a trash bag and start dancing what I call the Trash Bag Tango.

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Excerpted from It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh. Copyright © 2007 by Peter Walsh. Reprinted by permission from Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.


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