Portofino Office Storage Box

A simple gift from Stedman inspired Oprah's first trip to The Container Store, the place for innovative organizational ideas. Once inside this storage superstore, she was hooked. "It was so exciting," she says. "I ended up buying stuff I'm probably not going to use, but I just loved it."

Now, the store's founders, Kip Tindell and Garrett Boone, are here to showcase some of their most popular products, including the pretty green box Stedman picked out for Oprah. This Portofino Office Storage Box costs between $29.99 and $34.99, depending on the size, and it's designed to store everything from important papers to personal keepsakes.

Oprah says she's filling her box with letters from students at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. These elegant storage boxes are also available in other colors, including chocolate, cranberry and black.
The Container Store's Purse Organizer

If you're constantly searching inside your purse for keys, credit cards or your favorite lipstick, Kip and Garrett have a solution for you. The Container Store's Purse Organizer fits inside large bags and features multiple pockets for your necessities.

"I wish I'd seen this in the store the other day," Oprah says. "I would have gotten it because you know our pocketbooks have gotten so big. I love a big pocketbook ... but sometimes what happens is all your stuff, I mean, it has its own life down in there!"

Kip says this organizer, which costs less than $20, also simplifies things when you switch bags. "When you go to change from one purse to another, you can just take that out and put it in the other purse," he says. "Instantly, it's all changed."
Pet Travel Tainer

Like Oprah, Kip says he likes to take his dogs with him everywhere. No matter where they wind up, he always has food and water handy, thanks to the Pet Travel Tainer.

When you disassemble this portable, plastic container, you get a food and water bowl, as well as an airtight place to store crunchy kibbles. "I didn't know that this existed," Oprah says. "This is so cool." The best part? It only costs $14.99!

If your mind is a little muddled in the morning, Kip and Garrett recommend the Doorganizer©, a canvas organizer that hangs on the doorknob.

"You put everything you're going to need the next morning there—your cell phone, your keys," Kip says. "How many times do you get out in the car, and then you have to come back in twice to get the things that you forgot?"

Place essentials in the Doorganzier every evening, and you'll save yourself valuable time during the morning rush hour. Find it at The Container Store for $14.99.
Travel Soap

Another handy item to keep in your purse is The Container Store's travel soap.

"You just carry them with you wherever you travel, you just put them under water and you have soap," Kip says. "It smells wonderful."
Cosmetic Organizer

During Oprah's first shopping trip to The Container Store, she picked up an acrylic cosmetic organizer for herself. "I wasn't even sure I needed it, but I liked it so much and it was so pretty, I bought one," she says.

Now, she'll have a place to store everything from nail files to makeup brushes. The lipstick slots are also designed for tubes of all shapes and sizes. Get yours today for less than $20.
The Container Store's Grid Tote

The Container Store's Grid Tote is Garrett's favorite back-to-school item for college students. Many co-eds use these totes to transport toiletries from their dorm rooms to the showers, he says. Knowing that cost is a big concern for many college students, The Container Store offers these for $7.99 to $9.99.

At home, Garrett says he uses these totes to sort mail. They also make a great carrying case for cleaning supplies and gardening tools.
The Container Store's Newsprint Bins

What's black, white and green all over? The Container Store's Newsprint Bins!

In this day and age, everyone knows conservation is key. That's why these recycling bins are made from recycled materials! Woven with newspapers, they're eco-friendly solutions for collecting magazines, junk mail and more. Available from $9.99 to $19.99.
Indispensable Countertop Dispensers

Any mom or dad with small children knows breakfast can be a messy meal. Now, with these Indispensable Countertop Dispensers, you'll never spend the morning sweeping up crushed Cheerios again!

Just put a bowl under the spout, turn the knob and fill it up with a six-ounce serving. These containers, which cost $49, are also ideal for storing snacks like granola, nuts, trail mix and candy.
Stockholm Office Storage Box

Though there are many new storage solutions on the market, simple office supplies—like the Stockholm Office Storage Box—helped make The Container Store famous.

"These wonderful fiber boxes that are made from recycled material and [are great] for storing letters and magazines and photos," Garrett says.

Label holders on the front of each box help with organization, while pretty stripes and solid colors add style to any home or workplace. Get one from $9.99 to $12.99.

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