Donald and Susan Sutherland created Cold Stone Creamery.

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Have you ever bought something so spectacular that you just had to know who came up with the idea? Now's your chance to see the rarely revealed faces behind some very famous names!

Donald and Susan Sutherland's cool creation has warmed a lot of hearts across the country. In 1988, the couple opened Cold Stone Creamery, a mom-and-pop ice cream shop in Tempe, Arizona.

But business wasn't always booming. "We thought because we knew we could make the best ice cream you could ever taste, it was just going to be a hit right from the start," Donald says. "We were there over 15 months, just the two of us, because there were no customers. I had days where I did less than $6 the whole day."

As their business melted away, Donald and Susan got an unexpected break when a local newspaper said Cold Stone had the best ice cream in town. "All kinds of things came our way just all of a sudden," Donald says. "It just finally happened."