A messy clothes closet

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Marin loves clothing and shoes, but Peter says that's not the message her closet is sending. "There is a message here that says, 'I do not value what I own,'" he says.

Peter helps Marin start clearing some room by showing her how to set limits. As they go through the closet, Peter asks Marin to separate each item into one of three piles—"keep," "donate" and "clutter to cash." Peter says Marin can sell the items that are stylish and in good condition. "Clutter to cash, that's your homework," Peter says.

Learn how to donate—and how to sell—your unwanted stuff.

In only three hours, Marin says goodbye to the shoes, jeans and accessories she doesn't need. Now that the surface clutter is gone, it's time for Marin and Perry to clear out so Peter and Candice can complete the transformation!