Marin's new kitchen

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Marin's space needed a little more help than just decluttering. Only 24 hours after Peter and Candice knocked on her door, Marin's apartment has been completely revamped.

Peter and Candice have Marin close her eyes as they lead her to their first reveal—the kitchen. "Yesterday when we arrived and first walked into this kitchen, I was kind of blown away. We haven't done a ton of work in here, but I'd just like you to open your eyes and just check out the kitchen," Peter says.

Marin is shocked. "Oh my God, I can't take it," she says.

Her counters are clear, and her kitchen table sports beautiful candleholders instead of empty bags. Decorative mail sorters dress up the counter—and keep the paperwork from piling up again.

But there's one more task Peter left for Marin to tackle on her own—cleaning out that funky fridge!

In this room: chandelier decal, Blik; lace shopping baskets, The Container Store.