Messy apartment.

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Marin's main living space is the definition of cramped quarters. In a small amount of square footage, Marin squeezes in a couch, entertainment center, office area and bed. Piles of clothes, papers and other items have taken over what little space Marin has left. "I feel like my apartment's a reflection of the fact that I'm all over the place," she says.

Peter says a person's home is a metaphor for her life—and that cluttered homes like Marin's are fairly common. "I think very few people make the connection between what their house is like and what their life is like," he says. "If you're struggling with focus and motivation and calm and harmony—if you don't have those things in your life—look at your house."

So Peter asks Marin the defining question for any home. "What is it that you want from this apartment?" he says. "That's why we're here. To get you from this to the apartment that reflects the life you want."

Marin says she wants a stylish, eclectic and bold home that will inspire her, and Peter's more than willing to help. Together, they grab garbage bags for trash and donations and get to work.

One of the major trouble spots of the room is Marin's desk area, which is extremely important because she works from home. "One of the big things with a desk and an office area is to set a limit and keep it to that limit," Peter says. "If you don't set a limit, you are going to end up with an apartment filled with so much stuff that you won't be able to live your life."

In minutes, Peter and Marin have cleared the space, and they're ready to tackle the area that's most likely to become a black hole in any home—the closet.