Peter Walsh opens a refrigerator with rotting food inside.

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With Patty's apartment under control, Peter and Candice head to the East Village after getting a tip about a single city girl named Marin.

Clutter convoy in tow, Peter and Candice ring the bell—and they can tell Marin and her dog, Perry, need help right away. "We have our work cut out for us," Peter says.

The first room to tackle is the kitchen, where empty shopping bags, mail and takeout containers cover every inch of available counter space. When Peter opens the fridge, a powerful smell from uncovered, rotting food overwhelms the room.

"What does this kitchen say to you about the person who lives here?" Peter asks.

"It says that they've lost their mind," Marin says.

Armed with garbage bags for trash and recycling, Peter and Marin get to work sorting through the piles. One of Marin's major organizational weaknesses is her mail. "We have to set up a mail zone so that when the mail comes into the house, it goes to that one single place," Peter says.

In less than five minutes, Peter and Marin have the counters clear!