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Here's a simple truth about money: The more you save, the happier you'll be, as a fully loaded emergency fund frees you from middle-of-the-night what-ifs. A solid retirement plan is a promise now to provide for yourself later.

But here's another truth: Saving consistently is hard. It's all about delayed gratification, and our brains aren't wired for that. As ample academic research shows, most of us would rather have $1 to spend today than wait to reap the growth from that same $1 over time.

Still, saving doesn't have to mean deprivation. Seven in ten of the multimillionaires queried in a 2014 survey get more pleasure from investing and saving than spending. So think like a millionaire and make this your mantra: Saving feels better than spending. It's not just your wallet at stake—it's your happiness!