Is your home office bulging with paper, mail, books and bills? Is your bathroom home to mountains of beauty supplies and dirty clothes, as well as mold, mildew and grime? If so, it's time to tackle these problem areas of the home head-on with Peter's smart decluttering system.
What You'll Need to Get Started:
Digital camera

Upload your photos

Improve Your Chances of Appearing on The Oprah Show!

1. Don't pick up your mess before you take your "before" photos. The messier, the better!
2. Take a photo from each and every corner of the room. Get the widest angle possible—the more we see, the better.
3. Get creative! Take a few photos of specific areas of the room—your table, your pantry, etc.
4. Make sure the room is well lit. If not, use a flash. 
5. Make sure your camera settings are on the highest resolution possible.
6. Turn off the time/date stamp.
7. Don't include anyone in the photos. Rooms only, please! 
8. Try not to submit blurry photos. We may not be able to use them.
9. Remember, you can only submit up to three photos, so pick your best ones!


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