moving mistakes couples make

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Mistake #1: They Forget to Have the Big Talk

Turns out 58 percent of Americans see moving in together as a bigger challenge for couples than planning a wedding, according to a new survey by SpareFoot, a storage marketplace company. What's more, 31 percent (and 46 percent of millennials) report that they've had their worst arguments while moving with their significant other.

Organizational expert Peter Walsh has key strategies to surviving the moving process. "Before you relocate, you should openly discuss what hobbies you have, what activities might take place in various rooms, or what you think is an important function for the space," he says. "Then you will have to negotiate and decide on the best purpose for the various rooms to suit your lives." For instance, if you love to read and your partner is a gamer, you need to decide how many shelves will hold books and how many will be reserved for consoles, so no one is resenting the other person's stuff.