There's a move-in ready home near Chicago's lakefront that showcases how to live a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing style and design.
When the World's Fair came to Chicago in 1933, people flocked to an exhibit called Homes of Tomorrow, which featured modular construction, solar panels and other futuristic ideas that are now part of modern home design.

Today, Chicago is continuing the tradition of showcasing cutting-edge home design and technology at its Museum of Science and Industry. The museum recently built an exhibit on its campus grounds called the Smart Home: Green + Wired. Anne Rashford, director of temporary exhibits at the museum, says the Smart Home, designed by architect Michelle Kaufmann, offers the best in green and sustainable home construction, interior design and landscaping.

It cost more than $500,000 to build the home, and all the materials used are already available to consumers. "We don't expect everyone to go out and build this house, but if you are building a house or renting an apartment or renovating where you live, there all kinds of things you can do to be green and more aware of the environment," Rashford says.

7 tips from designers of the Smart Home
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