cleaning the blinds

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1. The Blinds and Shutters

Since tending to them thoroughly can typically add a lot more time to our cleaning routines, blinds and shutters get overlooked more often than not. Be sure to give them the attention they need whenever you clean, and get into the habit of properly cleaning them monthly.

Spot Clean
Using an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth or a specialty tool designed to clean blinds and shutters, wipe away dirt as needed.

Dust Monthly
Using a vacuum dust-brush attachment on the lowest setting, suction the dirt away. Glide the brush attachment horizontally (not vertically) along the blinds or shutters. Start at the top and move your way down, then reverse the blades and dust on the other side.

Deep Clean
If the dust has turned to gunk (as often happens in the kitchen, where steam and grease are in the air), it’s time for a more thorough cleaning on removable blinds. Pull the blinds up all the way before lifting them off their supports, and they will be easier to transport. Using a soft sponge, briefly soak and wash them in the bathtub to remove grime. Rinse well, then lay them out on towels to completely dry before rehanging