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Photo: David Tsay

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The Challenge
The Problem Area
An awkwardly shaped closet stuffed to the gills with everything from tennis rackets to batteries.

The closet wedged behind the piano and under the staircase in Jeet Sohal's townhouse is small—but that's not the real problem. Its sloping, vaguely trapezoidal shape has plenty of volume but few right angles. It's hard to know what "goes" in a space like this. So Sohal and her husband, Eric, have just stuffed it with whatever they wanted to disappear, from their kids' Play-Doh and construction paper to yoga mats, umbrellas, lightbulbs, clothes needing ironing, reusable shopping bags, instruction manuals, Elmer's glue, a picnic set, work gloves, lint rollers, spray enamel, bed risers, and a vintage varsity jacket Sohal used to wear while riding on the back of Eric's motorcycle. A few years ago, Sohal installed shelves to try to organize the mess, but they've long since been buried by clutter.

The Fix
An organized storage space for often-used household items.