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Jen Pastiglione-Brody
AGE: 36

GOAL: Have a baby. Jen and her husband have been trying to get pregnant through fertility treatments for three years. At her doctor's suggestion, she's taking a six-month break to give her body a rest and focus on slimming down.

Emotional Check-in

"Jen is a phenomenally positive person, and she's incredibly strong—but even strong people need a little help sometimes," says Mager. "I'd love for her to join a fertility support group and talk to a therapist since infertility can lead to deep feelings of inadequacy. Emotional burdens can translate physically if you don't have an outlet."

Nutrition Advice

Drop the artificial sweeteners and flavoring. "Jen is consuming too many sugar substitutes, creamer powders, and spray butters," says Lippert. "Not only are they making her light-headed, they're also unsatisfying. She can still have her morning coffee, but instead of the creamers and sweeteners, she should use whole milk with half a packet of Sugar in the Raw."