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Michelle Trotter
AGE: 44

GOAL: Set a good example for her kids. Michelle, a former model, says that since giving birth to her second child in 2015, she's 65 pounds heavier than she's ever been.

Emotional Check-in

"Michelle has done an enormous amount of work on herself and changed her relationship with food quite a bit over the past 20 years," says Mager. But, she adds, there are two areas Michelle still needs to resolve: labeling food as good or bad, and hiding the fact that she eats junk food. "When we think of foods as good or bad, it sets us up to feel shame when we eat something 'bad,'" says Mager. "Shame will never help you move forward in life. Michelle needs to be open and honest about everything she's eating. She'll feel less constrained about what she can and can't have. It's all about balance."

Nutrition Advice

Consume more healthy fats. While Michelle's eating all the right things—egg whites, salads full of leafy greens—they aren't filling enough, says Lippert: "You can't let your blood sugar tank. That's when cravings arise." Her advice: Michelle should always add one or two eggs with yolk to her breakfast, swap rice cakes for whole grain rye crisps with peanut butter, and top her salads with nuts or avocado for omega-3s.