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Sabrina Havens
AGE: 40

GOAL: Feel more confident as she reenters the dating world. Currently going through a divorce, Sabrina dropped 30 pounds after her ex moved out but wants to lose ten more.

Emotional Check-in

"As a single mom of two kids, Sabrina's constantly racing from one place to the next," says Mager. "It takes her about 20 minutes to get home from work. She typically uses that time to catch up with friends, but I want her to do some deep breathing so she can let go of work and center herself enough to be present with the kids. It's going to make everything that much easier—including feeding herself. If you're not taking care of yourself, you're going to have a much harder time taking care of anyone else."

Nutrition Advice

Add fiber to every meal. Lippert has a few tips for how Sabrina can make meals more filling so she's less ravenous: Eat fresh fruit—not in smoothie form—to increase fiber and satisfaction from chewing, make veggies at least half of lunch, and incorporate fiber-rich whole grains like quinoa or farro at dinner.