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Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Step back.

The scales should give it away: "You're very much concerned with balance in life," says Rogers. You always think about others and strive for little conflict in your life—and that's exactly what can ratchet up your stress levels. It may be a disagreement with someone, but it also may be that you're mulling over every angle of the argument in an effort to be fair and just. The result: You become indecisive as to what to do. Rather than focusing on a certain activity to find your zen, you need a mind-set shift. After all, one study by University of Madison-Wisconsin researchers found that the perception of stress negatively affecting your health makes all the difference in whether it's a drag on your well-being. "Look at the big picture in life, and try to detach yourself from forcing a specific outcome," advises Rogers. "It's what will allow you to be more present in your connection with others, and things will run more smoothly as a result," she adds.