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Just Don't Go Overboard on These

Peanut butter alternatives – Their fat content varies, but they definitely don't save you any calories. Cashew, almond and sunflower-seed varieties are generally just as calorie-rich as the original, with 97, 98 and 99 calories per tablespoon, respectively, compared with smooth peanut butter's 96 per tablespoon.

Dark chocolate - One ounce of dark chocolate with 75–80 percent cacao solids has 170 calories, roughly the same amount found in ¾ of a regular candy bar. But dark chocolate is still the better choice for a treat—research shows that the flavanols it contains can benefit your health.

Macadamia nuts - When it comes to pure calories, macadamias top all other nuts, with 204 calories per ounce (dry roasted). Pecans are virtually the same, with 201 per dry-roasted ounce. The same amount of pistachios has 40 fewer calories.

Homemade salad dressing - It's lower in sugar than the store-bought stuff, but if you're using olive oil as a base, its more calorie-packed, as olive oil has 119 calories per tablespoon. (For comparison, the average store-bought Caesar dressing, one of the most calorie-dense dressings, has about 80 calories per tablespoon). Dress your greens lightly.