Egg, Cheese and Avocado Nirvana
egg cheese avocado sandwich recipe
This recipe has whole grains, healthy fats and protein, proving that sometimes breakfast sandwiches are exactly what the nutritionist ordered.

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Easy Make-Ahead Oatmeal
overnight oats recipe

With 18 grams of protein, these overnight oats are simple and filling. In a small container, mix a half-cup of rolled oats (which have been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure) with a half-cup of skim milk and a half-cup of Greek yogurt (make sure it's plain so there's no added sugar). Top with one-fourth cup of red grapes, refrigerate overnight and eat cold.

A Sandwich with a Sweet Twist
apple toast

Apple slices and almond butter give you a bit of sweetness combined with energizing protein, plus a satisfying crunch. Make this breakfast by layering almond butter (ideally made with just almonds) and apple slices on a toasted whole wheat muffin.

Cereal, Minus the Sugar
cereal recipe

You know that most boxed breakfasts cereals are a sugar bonanza. Making your own takes any added sweet stuff out of the equation. You can use millet, barley, spelt, steel-cut oats—pretty much any whole grain you can think of. Just be sure to skip the brown sugar (an optional topping) and use unsweetened almond milk to keep this morning treat added-sugars-free. Don't worry that you'll miss out on flavor without the sugar. There are still plenty of spices here to keep the dish interesting, according to our food editor.

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The Breakfast Casserole You'll Eat All Week
breakfast casserole

This grits-based recipe swaps pork sausage for turkey kielbasa, lowering both the caloric and saturated-fat content while still giving you plenty of protein.

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Savory Sunny Side Up Eggs
sunny side up egg plate

With anchovies, capers and Parmesan accompanying a bed of sautéed Swiss chard (an excellent source of vitamin A) underneath the eggs, this dish has a delicious Caesar-salad taste to it.

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The A.M. Burrito for People Who Don't Like Eggs
morning burrito recipe

Using black beans instead of eggs, this savory burrito provides fiber and protein to keep you full. Fill a whole wheat tortilla with half a cup of cooked black beans, half a cup of roasted peppers and one tablespoon each of shredded cheese, salsa and cilantro. Roll up the tortilla and store it in the freezer. In the morning, microwave for three minutes.

Guilt-Free Pancakes
healthy pancake recipe

With oats, egg whites and fresh berries, these pancakes are basically delicious disks filled with fiber, protein and antioxidants. A smart combination with which to start your day.

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A Healthier Take on Cheesecake
healthy breakfast flatbread

By topping hearty fiber crispbreads with skim ricotta cheese and strawberries, you'll feel like "I had cheesecake for breakfast!," not "Oh, no. I had cheesecake for breakfast." Spread three large fiber crispbreads each with two tablespoons of skim ricotta cheese and two tablespoons of sliced strawberries.

Sunday-Morning Scramble
Packed with vegetables and tofu (plus spices like turmeric, cumin and paprika), this alternative to the traditional egg scramble will fuel you through whatever you have planned for the weekend.

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