Jenny Hutt

AGE: 46

GOAL: To lose five to ten pounds and conquer her body issues. Jenny has lost and gained major weight before, but she's eager to "be free of this body stuff."

Emotional Check-in: "Jenny's mentality is one where food is the enemy, and that's a very difficult place to be because it sets her up to be constantly in a fight with what she's eating," says Mager. "She also weighs herself every day, and when a person does that, there's a real tendency to associate the number on the scale with personal value. That's why I want Jenny to focus on finding a sense of worth that has nothing to do with her weight."

Nutrition Advice: Drop the protein shakes. "They can be full of fake stuff that's not nutrient rich," says Lippert. "Jenny will reach her goals more efficiently with real food. She can make a smoothie with fruit, almond milk, nut butter, and some cinnamon or vanilla extract and a date for flavor and sweetness. It will be much more filling. I also want her to add in at least one or two servings of real fruit—not just juice—per day."

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