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When we decided to help nine intrepid women create their healthiest, happiest lives, we had good reason. They were big dreamers with exciting goals: Have a baby! Get the great job! Find love again! The last thing they needed was extra weight slowing them down—and yet, in each case, that's what was happening. To make it easier for the women to lose the baggage and move ahead, we set them up with a therapist to offer crucial life wisdom, a nutritionist to analyze the food diaries we'd asked them to keep, and trainers to make sure they began their journeys on the right foot. Take a peek at the starter plans for four of the women.

Meet the Experts

Clinical psychologist Camilla Mager, who specializes in treating women with disordered eating, provided one-on-one phone counseling.

Registered dietitian Marissa Lippert, who founded the New York City nutrition-counseling firm Nourish, analyzed each woman's food diary.

Rachel Mariotti, a personal trainer at Equinox, evaluated the women's fitness assessments.