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Bobbi Allison

AGE: 49

GOAL: To love herself more. Bobbi wants to travel, play with her grandkids without losing her breath, and be in pictures instead of always taking them. She's ready to be seen.

Emotional Check-in: In November 2015, Bobbi underwent a lap band revision and gastric sleeve surgery, in which part of her stomach was removed. The procedure has very strict post-op rules, including no sugar or alcohol. "Much to Bobbi's credit, she has been able to stick to the diet," says Mager. "My concern is that at some point, she may begin to miss the foods she used to love. I suggest Bobbi work with a therapist who specializes in food and weight issues, so she can conquer any emotional eating that may be lingering."

Nutrition Advice: Stop eating the same foods all the time. "Variety is a must," says Lippert. "It's what provides us with different nutrients and keeps our metabolism on its toes." Her tips for Bobbi: Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables she's taking in. Try putting bananas and berries into Greek yogurt, or adding seasonal veggies to a salad—with a scoop of the chicken salad and hummus that Bobbi already eats. At dinner, have complex carbs like whole grain farro, brown rice, or roasted sweet potatoes.

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