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Carolyn "Cookie" Minick Mason

AGE: 50

GOAL: To find balance. Cookie is great at caring for others, but she's ready to put herself—and her health—first.

Emotional Check-in: "Cookie is a strong woman who has a tremendous amount going on," says Mager. "She's the mother of two kids, and she pursues a lot of activities. She's not great at taking things off her plate." As a result, Cookie barely sleeps, averaging only two to three hours per night. "Her body is struggling just to get its basic needs met, so it's harder to lose weight," says Mager. "Plus, Cookie is more likely to reach for sugary foods when she's sleep deprived. She should set a goal of at least six hours each night."

Nutrition Advice: Build a better breakfast and cut back on dessert. "Cookie can still enjoy dessert, but she should limit the banana pudding to only a few nights a week and save the morning cinnamon rolls for a special occasion," says Lippert. "She needs to start her day with better-quality fuel." Lippert suggests two scrambled eggs with cheese, avocado, and fruit, or old-fashioned rolled oats made with almond milk, fruit, and cinnamon.