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Princess Gardner

AGE: 15

GOAL: To have a healthier relationship with food. Princess enjoys exercising—she goes to a workout class with her mother five days a week—but she has a hard time resisting sweets and processed food.

Emotional Check-in: "Part of what Princess is dealing with is that what worked for Mom, who lost 160 pounds, may be harder for Princess as a teenager," says Mager. "Princess's mom wants her to bring a healthy lunch to school, but most students don't do that, so Princess feels different—not something most adolescents like to be. If Princess doesn't feel positively about the changes she's making, she's not going to keep them up. I think Princess and her mom need to work together to find a more realistic meal plan."

Nutrition Advice: Eat smaller meals with protein and complex carbs more often. Lippert suggests that Princess eat every three to four hours, incorporating a snack on most days, which will be easier to fit into her schedule. "I'd also like to see her add in more filling carbs, like quinoa, at dinner most nights," says Lippert. "She'll have greater energy and feel satisfied—both of which will help her body burn calories effectively."