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Do the Thing That Might Make You Look a Little Nuts
By now, you and everyone you've ever met have heard about high intensity interval training. But you may not be taking advantage of all of your opportunities to do it outside the gym. Case in point: Anytime you're walking, whether you're on your usual slow stroll with a friend, walking from the subway stop to the office (avoiding knocking over your fellow sidewalk commuters, of course) or going to the end of the driveway to get the mail –these are opportune times to bump it up. Bursts of speed, no matter how short, are a proven way to increase your calories burned, says Richey. "You can make it up as you go, using visual landmarks and saying 'I'm going to push myself until I get to that spot,'" says Richey. "Start with one speed increase and work up to more. The more you do, the greater the effect."