When it comes to Baldwin's daily sustenance, she says there's what she likes to do and then what actually happens. Still, even if her best-laid plans go awry, there's one thing she does do to help avoid feeling overstuffed before bed: Baldwin says she moderates her meals during the day, so she's ready to consume nutrients at night.

In the morning, Baldwin often has a protein shake made with a scoop of chocolate protein powder, some peanut butter and a liquid such as oat, almond or hemp milk, or coconut water. And lately, she says, she and her husband, Alec, have been dropping their kids off at their morning activities and then going out for coffee together. "I try to get energy from what I eat and how I move my body, but it is nice to have that kick-start in the morning from warm coffee."

Her goal: Start the day with whole grains; the fiber helps keep her full until lunch. That said, she says there are plenty of days when she finishes her kids' cereal, or runs out the door with a piece of bread—and calls it breakfast.

Baldwin isn't strictly vegan (she avoids dairy and most meat, but eats eggs and fish)—yet she packs a lot of vegetables into her day. Lunches are often salads made with kale, cucumbers and tomatoes from the family's garden, and she also loves midday meals from their local Hampton Chutney, a sort of healthy food/Indian sandwich shop that serves dosas (light, crispy, sourdough crepes made from rice and lentils) stuffed with all manner of ingredients, from avocado and arugula, to roasted broccoli and tomatoes.

Before she had kids, Baldwin used to avoid eating her biggest meal at night—but these days, she has to bend her own rules. Once the children are asleep, she and Alec have dinner together. "That's when my husband and I get to connect with each other. We're at a stage in our lives where that is the only time when we can eat quietly. We savor that time," she says. Fish and eggs are usually on the menu; if she and Alec are at a restaurant, they'll often order a few different things and share. The day we spoke, Baldwin was planning to cook a vegan paella using quinoa, saffron, olive oil, white wine, vegetable broth and vegetables from their garden.

Baldwin says she loves strong flavors: olives, strong coffee, seaweed. So it's not surprising that when it's time for a treat, she skips right over blander options such as vanilla ice cream, instead preferring rich dark chocolate and tangy lemon sorbet. Her latest obsession: Bark Thins, the slivers of dark chocolate mixed with a range of salty and sweet ingredients. Alec likes the pretzel-flavored bark, but Hilaria, perhaps unsurprisingly given her penchant for intense tastes, like the sharp and zippy mint.


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