Seated meditation yoga move

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Seated Meditation
Meditating, or actively observing your own thoughts, probably doesn't seem like the best idea right now, especially if that's all you've been doing for the past hour. But now that your body is feeling loose and relaxed from yoga poses, meditation can take your mind off your problems, your challenges and your fears.

How: Sit up tall with your back against a headboard, couch back or wall. Rest your palms on your thighs and close your eyes. Turn your attention to your breath. Watch your inhales come and exhales go, and settle your mind in the space between them. Begin to lengthen and deepen your inhales and exhales, setting a slow, easy pace of breathing. If a thought enters your mind, observe it like a cloud passing by and then come back to your breath. You could set a stopwatch and do this for three to five minutes, or you could continue until your thoughts start turning into dreams.

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