Lynn, Leon's sister

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Leon says he instinctually knew the stranger who was getting raped in a past life as his sister in this life. "I didn't see her face," he says. "It was an energy. It was just her. There was no doubt about it."

Dr. Weiss says Leon's current feelings toward his sister are rooted in the guilt he's carried over from a past life. In the short time following his regressions, Leon says his relationship with Lynn has already improved. "I don't have any anger toward her. I'm totally accepting of her and our differences," he says. "I feel completely at peace and just love."

Lynn says she never felt her relationship with Leon was rocky, but she says they have worked hard at maintaining it. Watching the tape was a mind-blowing experience, she says. "I couldn't believe what I was watching, and he was obviously so deeply affected," she says. "I didn't have any particular feelings about it like I was reliving it because it was completely his experience."

Leon says part of him doesn't want to believe in the regression. "But I keep going back to it, and there's no other explanation. I'm trying to disprove it in my mind, but there are other things that just lead me back to it."

One of those things is a message Leon says he received during his regression session. "They want me to tell people they're okay," he said while hypnotized. "The dead people."

Leon says he's always been comfortable around the dead and now he knows why. "I just get the feeling that they're at peace no matter the circumstances of their deaths," Leon says. "I feel from them that they're at peace and that they want me to guide their families through this process and heal their families. It's just a feeling."
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